Getting a job in venture capital

Since my departure from venture, lots of junior folks have reached out to me asking how to get in to the VC world. There are indeed VC firms out there hiring, but I’d hardly say there’s a formula to get that first venture job.

Venture capital is becoming a career that lots of young people seek out. I understand the allure: you get early access to the cutting edge ideas and technologies out there, you meet amazing founders, you get a big picture view of problems and get to see the way that many companies choose to address it.  However, it’s important to know the real aspects of the job and be prepared to add value quickly. This is one of many good pieces  about what it means to be a junior person in VC.

Go work at a hot startup

My #1 tip is to go work at a well known startup. If you’re more junior, it’s a good bet to go to a well funded, Series B/C funded company that’s funded by the big VC players and work your way up. You’ll learn a ton, get a lot responsibility, and get a big network of smart people that will eventually be starting the next big thing.

Build your network

Venture is definitely not a career path with lots of job openings out there. You have to be plugged in by building your network in Silicon Valley. Ruben Harris wrote an amazing piece about breaking into the Silicon Valley scene and getting his first role in tech.

“Play Fake VC”

Speak at events, mentor folks, be generous with your time. Matt Turck wrote a great piece about this.

Find a firm that’s aligned with your interests

I got interviewed by Hunter Walk about my experience getting my first job in venture, and other good stuff.

Say you have that big first interview for a VC role! Here’s your Study List

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