Women of Color in Tech – Bay Area

Women of Color in Tech – Bay Area is a Facebook Group I started in 2014 in efforts to create a greater sense of community and solidarity around Women of Color in Tech in the Bay Area.

This group started as a group of 10 women, all friends, who simply wanted to come together in solidarity and and authentically share their experience, ask questions, offer support, and be themselves.


Pictured: Women of color coding on their devices. Image courtesy of #WOCinTech Chat

I am hugely thankful to the early of the community who helped seed this amazing space– as well to the 3.5k+ current members, who pour their energies into authentically building a space where Women of Color can be vulnerable, meet others like them, and ask vulnerably and be their authentic selves.

How to maximize your membership

Many hope to join this group, and we ask that all read the Community Guidelines carefully before requesting entry.

Upon reading, you can request entry by going to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WOCinbay/ and answering the 3 questions. If you don’t answer all 3 admissions questions, you will not be given entry.

This group is not for promoting jobs, promoting events, or self-promoting ones’ own startup or hustle. We support these important endeavors, but we ask that our members promote these initiatives in the designated “day of the week” threads, so that the main feed can continue being a clean space for authentic discussion, getting to know members, and doing “ASKS/OFFERS”.

In efforts to keep the community true to its original intent, we ask that folks only request entry if they self identify as “Women of Color”. For more information on this definition, please reference the following resource.

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